Hybrid Cars And The Energy Crisis

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It has been said that not enough people are doing all they can to fight against the energy crisis. Hybrid cars can help, but maybe not enough people are driving them. Here are a few issues related to the energy crisis and how hybrid cars can help.

The U.S. isn’t doing enough, really

The United States consumes the most fossil fuels in the world. However, most people believe that all of our energy problems can be solved if we would only look further into the oil deposits in Alaska or if we made full use of the recent oil discovery in the Gulf of Mexico. Hybrid cars make it so that we might not have to use other sources of energy to keep the economy going. Hybrid cars don’t make Americans use an excess amount of fossil fuel. Instead, hybrid cars cause Americans to use less fossil fuel.

Energy consumers just swallow increasing gas prices

People used to care that gas prices are much higher than they were years ago. Now, people just accept the high prices. In the meantime, cars are getting bigger and bigger. Car manufacturers are making trucks and SUVs. These cars take in more gas, but you won’t believe how many people just won’t give up their dear old SUV. Hybrid cars end up costing people less to own than conventional cars do. So there’s no need to worry about just settling for being swindled by the oil economy.

Soon there could be a termination of the “cheap oil period”

Soon, we could all be in over our heads because not only will we have an energy crisis, but a peak oil crisis as well. During the peak oil crisis, there will be oil shortages and natural gas shortages. Major countries will be competing against one another for whatever oil is left. So everyone may have some problems, and countries may battle over who gets oil and who doesn’t. The peak oil crisis can be put off if more people just purchase hybrid cars. Hybrid cars don’t make it so that people always have to look for oil. And there are advances being made to hybrid cars everyday.

The plug-in hybrid car for instance, might one day, not need oil at all at all

So in the event that we have an energy crisis, Americans should really use the time to bond and create a unified fight against conflict over oil in U.S. Hybrids cars are the way to beat the energy crisis, and if the the countries still start to fight each other over oil, at least America will know they tried to stop things by investing in hybrid cars.

So it’s decided. The United States’ mass use of the hybrid car might make it so that Americans need less oil. But Americans still have yet to gain from the large amount of money being made from hybrid cars. The majority of popular hybrid cars come from Japan. So Americans need to bring that money back into the country as well as do something about the current energy crisis.

To Buy Hybrid Cars, Or Not To Buy Hybrid Cars?

That no longer is the question. If Mr. Jim Press, president of Toyota Motor Sales USA is to be believed, everything will be a hybrid, eventually. Mr. Press proposed that it’s going to be either a gas hybrid, a diesel hybrid, or a fuel-cell hybrid. Hmmmm. Looks like the world is going to be ruled by hybrids, interesting.

But, hey, why buy hybrid cars anyway?

Less resistance to air drag

This is also known as the concept of aerodynamics. A vehicle with designs that allows moving through air effortlessly is easily the least expensive in terms of fuel consumption. Studies had shown that about half of the energy needed to move a car traveling in a highway is used up by aerodynamic drag.

Car designers have a plethora of techniques for making vehicles glide more easily down a windy highway. Today’s more efficient hybrid cars use some of these strategies. To buy hybrid cars meant therefore, as to look for these characteristics.

A hybrid car eats up less air conditioning fuel

Looks like to buy hybrid cars means also to more efficient on air condition. Latest results from valuations of hybrid cars signify a drastically less consumption of fuel while car air condition is open. “Hybrids got 15 to 27 percent lower fuel economy with the air conditioning on,” according to Jim Francfort, main investigator at the Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls, under the U.S. Department of Energy.

For five years now, Francfort has been evaluating hybrids. When he first came across with hybrid cars in 2001, he was astounded. While testing the Honda Insight and the first generation Toyota Prius (Two hybrids first introduced in the U.S.) Francfort realized immediately the future of these cars. He reportedly said, “It was a new technology and we were trying to learn. We thought we needed to do more tests to understand the impacts on fuel economy, based on how hybrid owners actually drive their cars.”

Low emission level

And of course, to buy hybrid cars means to help the environment. Hybrid vehicles are low emission and fuel efficient. These are some of the characteristics that top the list, actually. Why this is so? A hybrid car recharges its battery while running. This removes the need for regularly plugging the car for an electricity outlet.

Super Ultra Low-Emission Vehicles emit 90 percent of cleaner emission than average new 2002 model car. Ultra Low-Emission Vehicles however, are cars that emit 50 percent cleaner emission, much lower than a new 2001 model car. Zero-emission cars however, belong only to the family of pure electric vehicles. But they are much expensive to produce, and proved to be impractical as drivers needed to plug these cars regularly.

Also at present, people who would buy hybrid cars will benefit from the Federal State tax deductions. Buying hybrid cars is encouraged because of the long term benefits of minimized fuel usage. Other tax deductions for hybrid car are also available. Some cities several free parking areas for low-emissions vehicles owners.

These efforts seem to be not lost to Americans. According to an online survey conducted by a research center, ninety percent of the respondents surveyed indicated a willingness to buy hybrid cars the next time they need one. Provided, however, that these cars are comparable in look with they currently own.

In this marketing study, about 46 percent of male respondents and 36 percent of female respondents strongly believed that these hybrid vehicles will perform comparably to all-gasoline vehicles. For these respondents, this is the most important factor. The concern for model, style, and features in these hybrid version is important for female respondents (49 percent), and 35 percent important for male respondents.

Only a handful of respondents, about 10 percent of those surveyed said they would buy hybrid cars with different style, while only 16 percent are willing to compromise on performance features, like horsepower and acceleration.

For price, however, the respondents are willing to compromise. When they’re asked what they would be most willing to sacrifice for more efficient fuel usage for the environment, a common characteristics of hybrids, 45 percent of the respondents indicated the willingness to pay $1,000 to $2,000 or higher for their new hybrid vehicles.

How I Decided To Sell My Van

After purchasing a new estate car, I realized that I needed to find a way to get rid of my old van. The van did not have many problems, so I figured selling it would be a good route to take. Before I actually attempted to sell my van online, I decided to do some research to see which selling methods would work best for me.

The first method I checked out was using an online classifieds site. The website would allow you to post your ad, for free, to be seen by anyone that checked that section of the website. I could provide contact information so that potential buyers could contact me to schedule a meeting to see the van or ask questions. In the ad, you can also add pictures to the post so people will be able to see the van before scheduling a meeting.

The second method I considered was using a for sale sign in the van window and parking it in front of my house. Living on a relatively busy street would be a benefit for me if I used this method. The only problem with this method was having people be interested in the van while I was not at home to talk to them.

sell a van

The last method I thought about was putting an ad in the local newspaper. For a small fee, I could place an ad in the paper and hope that someone would contact me about the van. With the internet becoming more popular as a news source, I had to consider how many people still read the local paper. If the audience is limited to a small group, there would be a chance that my ad would not be seen. This would result in wasted money as the ad is not free.

After considering all of my options, I decided to sell my van by posting an ad on the online classifieds site. I also put a for sale sign in the window of the van to ensure that the maximum number of interested buyers would contact me. After a week of emails, phone calls, and meetings, I ended up selling my van to a person from the online classified site. We scheduled a meeting; he looked over the van, and paid me in cash. Overall, the process of selling a vehicle wasn’t as complicated as I initially thought it would be.

Local Seize Cars And Reprocessed Auctions

Are you looking for a hot new car but do not know where you can get one for a price that fits into your budget?
There are definitely a lot of places that you probably have not quite looked yet, and I am going to give you some suggestions on how to get the best cars for the cheapest prices.

We all know that cheap cars are hard to come by, but we have also all heard people talking about getting cars for really low prices and we just do not know how to do it. The thing to remember is that there are a lot of nice cars, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles out there that the government wants to give away because they do not want to suffer the cost of storing these vehicles that have been taken under “seizure and surplus” laws. This means that if there are too many cars overloading the American market that the government takes control of the surplus. They can sell these cars at really low prices; in fact, they have to sell them at low prices, because of supply and demand.

If there is a surplus of vehicles on the market then there might be too many than are needed by the people. So, you can take advantage of this by doing your own research and trying to find the type or model of vehicle that you want to purchase and seeing if it is available at these types of auctions. Car auctions offer a lot of opportunity for you so you should take advantage of it.

The most amazing part of this is that you can use online tools to help you find these kinds of cars and auctions in your local area so that you can take full advantage of this. Online you can find cars up to ninety five percent off the retail price and that is just simply amazing for anyone, especially someone with a really tight budget who still wants to have a good looking (and safe) car to drive around in.

You can find out about cars of different makes and models and also SUVs, boats, and anything else you want to look for as a potential purchase. The other great thing is that you can find out about different kinds of vehicles that have been seized by the police, IRS, customs, and the DEA. All these cars need to be gotten rid of really soon and for low prices because the government does not want to pay to store these cars and they would rather sell them to people that have done some research and know where to look.

Auctions of any kind are definitely the place to go if you want cheap items. However, these cheap cars are still of high quality and the only reason that they are for sale for such a low price is because the government is in control of them and it is far too expensive to remain in control. The same principle applies to houses that have been foreclosed on and are sold for cheap because the government owns them and just wants to get them out of their hands.

The Setbacks of Electric and Hybrid Cars

Since the car was invented centuries ago, people and car makers around the world have aimed to roll out and introduce the best car models, for the convenience of the end users and for their company revenue growth.

The technology for making and manufacturing cars have really evolved through the years, that generation after generation, there is almost always a striking modification of the old ways.

Car makers in Japan, the United States, Germany and elsewhere have always strived to outpace each other in the race to offering the best car model and product to the market.

Thus, almost all the issues, concerns and shortcomings of the old and traditional car models are addressed in the making and assembly of the modern successors.

Cars of today are exteriorly, more superior than those of yesteryears. Take the exterior design, for example. A car in the 1920 era would be totally ashamed if put beside the latest Camry model of Toyota or Honda’s Civic.

The electric cars

Probably, the first major attempt to improve cars is the emergence or invention of the electric cars. People had been excited on the news that years ago, the electric cars were considered the cars of the future.

Unfortunately, electric cars did not live or failed to live to the expectations set against it. True enough, electric cars definitely eliminate the pollution caused by combustion of oil and gasoline inside engines and motors.

But there are more setbacks to the electric cars than there are pull ups or advantages. One of those setbacks is the inconvenience in electric recharging.

Because electricity are stored in batteries before the electric cars get to make use of it, batteries almost always run out of power rather quickly.

The thing is, recharging the electric charges of such batteries take some time and a little longer that people will almost always run out of patience waiting. Thus, the idea of cars giving convenience to its users is breached.

Another setback, is the limited mileage capacity of the electric cars. On the average, it is estimated that electric cars run only about 50 to 100 miles before the electric supply runs out, compared to 200 to 350 miles, on the average, that gasoline powered cars run out of gasoline.

It is this one setback that made the manufacturing of electric cars out of hand, or totally not feasible. No consumer would ever want to buy cars like that, right?

The hybrid cars

But car makers are so determined to win the race. They have patiently and resourcefully challenged the test of time and rising demand for car evolution.

Thus, a few years ago, the hybrid cars were unveiled in the global car market. The reception was so overwhelming that almost all the important car makers around the world are coming out with their own hybrid car versions.

And just like how electric cars were so promising during their launch, hybrid cars are also spurring and arousing amazement from the expecting public.

The introduction of hybrid cars also gave long-awaited hope to car owners and drivers who are so concerned about the environment and the constantly rising oil and gasoline prices.

The current global oil crisis is unleashing all devils in all the world economies, and thus, the unveiling of hybrid cars provided promises and hope to alleviate from the ever-increasing demand for oil products.

Thus, the first buyers of the modern hybrid cars have that in mind. They want to significantly cut oil consumption and help save the environment by means of lower greenhouse gas emissions.

It is time you check on your car dealer to know more perks of the hybrid cars. There are more and more hybrid car models in the market. One more setback, the prices are really, really high, so lean back before getting totally overwhelmed, by amazement and frustration.

Enjoy The Adventure – Drive Remote Control Cars

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned builder when you drive R.C. Cars, the adventure is universally present!

We at RC Cars Hobby are right here to guarantee that when you shop for, tune, and drive your car electric motor R.C. cars and nitro RC trucks and cars for leisure, whether they’re custom built unassembled rc car kits or already made RC trucks and cars, you will have an fascinating, high quality experience.

As you read this article you will come across great hints, evaluations and opinions on the very most well-liked hobby fine electric and nitro RC trucks and cars offered now. RC cars are a progressively trendy interest specifically ready made for both gasoline or nitro powered Remote Control cars and trucks and electric RC cars. Why? Because consumers are at work many hours in the day and they do not have time to spend piecing together a toy truck or car as a spare-time activity.

Racing RC trucks and cars is a family hobby; from a 5 year old to a 90 year old, every age can enjoy this sport.

You can race your truck or car on the neighborhood sidewalk, or in the alley beside your property. With racing speeds up to seventy mph, racing tracks seen in most major cities, and racing clubs worldwide, it is extremely simple to discover how come Racing remote control cars and trucks has recently become an international interest.

Before choosing your rC car or truck, there are two or three things to think about. Figure out a spending plan. You will find there are consistently sales and price reductions on Remote Control trucks and cars where you should obtain as much as $200 off the list price. At that time, decide upon just how much of your time you have available to use on your hobby. If you have a little time you may want to look into buying an electric or nitro RC car kit. By putting your own car together you will be able to know measures to mend it when it is necessary. Yes, you’ll need to get to know how to maintain your R.C. car while it races over varied harsh ground.

It will probably be meaningful to know about car electric motor RC parts, or gasoline powered Remote Control Cars and trucks so you recognize just how to keep up your car. You will see four first-class R.C. Car magazine publications out there to keep you updated on your pastime.

If perhaps you are checking into purchasing a nitro car, know the advantages and disadvantages of gas Remote Control Cars.

Just what are the differing examples of rC Cars? For the beginner, electric RC Cars and trucks are better because the only thing that you have to do is charge the battery and off you go!

Also popular for a beginner are nitro Remote Control Trucks and cars. There are some marvelous pre-made (ready to go right out of the box) cars that operate on specially made nitro fuel.

The best type of RC cars and trucks for novices are electric R/C cars – off the road types as they will be able to work all over your front yard, at the playground, on a patio or in an alley. On road RC cars can exclusively be driven on a smooth trail or street. These Remote Control cars and trucks work at speeds of as much as 70 miles per hour!

Compact Cars For Sale

For people who would like to have a vehicle that does not use up a great amount of gas, compact cars would be the right kind of car for them.
Aside from this, compact cars are much more affordable. People who would not like to spend much on driving and on purchasing a vehicle opt for compact cars.

For around $10,000, you can now own a compact car. Decide how much you are willing to spend on a car. Also, try to think of the features that you would like your vehicle to have. Consider safety, performance, value, handling, comfort, reliability, dealer service, looks, interior room, mileage, and sources of parts.

Try to do your own research and find out the makes and models of compact cars. And start to choose among them. List down those that catch your fancy. Compare and contrast each of their features and capabilities. You can also search on the internet and read reviews about them.

If you are worried about safety, try checking the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) vehicle ratings. Their website could be found at www.hwysafety.org. Visit the site and see your considered vehicles’ statistics when it comes to providing safety. You can also ask around and talk to friends who own such cars so you can know details about them from first-hand experience.

Visit car dealers. Ask them to allow you to test ride a couple of cars on your list. That way, you can focus on feeling the performance and the comfort that you chosen car could provide you. But do not commit yet. Inform them that you are still considering which one to buy.

Compare information and find which one suits your preferences best.

Radio Controlled Cars – A Model To Suit All Needs

Whether you choose the simplicity of electric radio controlled cars or the realistic sights and sounds of nitro rc cars, one major decision the newcomer is faced with is just what type of radio controlled vehicle will best meet his needs.

Whatever you choose, think carefully about just how you will be spending your time with your new hobby and balance this against your current level of experience. Here is just a taste of the options open to you.

On-Road vehicles.

On-road cars are undoubtedly the most popular type of radio controlled vehicle. The standard for on-road radio controlled cars is the 1/10 scale model, although 1/8 scale models are also commonly seen. With the recent influx of micro and mini rc cars, there are now also a number of hobby quality on-road cars as small as 1/18 scale.

Both electric and nitro radio controlled cars come in on-road versions, and can be purchased either ready to run or as self-build kits. Built and geared for speed, on-road radio controlled cars should be your choice if you plan to race your cars.

Off-Road vehicles.

If you want to be able to run your radio controlled cars just about anywhere, you’ll definitely need the rugged construction of an off-road vehicle. These sturdy cars and trucks will handle hills, uneven terrain, jumps and even sand. Available in two or four-wheel drive versions, off-road vehicles can be driven in your back yard, a vacant lot or just about anywhere you like.

Like their on-road counterparts, off-road radio controlled cars can be purchased ready to run or as self-build kits and there is a wide range of both electric and nitro cars, as well as trucks, for you to choose from.

Although they are not the fastest cars available, off-road rc cars are durable, rugged and can be run practically anywhere.


These durable little vehicles are powerful enough to handle on and off-road terrains with speeds of up to 60 mph and are becoming increasingly popular. Although buggies can be great fun, for a wide choice of models, you will need to buy your buggy as a self-build nitro kit and this can be a lot to handle for the beginner.


Radio controlled flyers also feature amongst the most popular and exciting of rc vehicles. Electric and ready-to-run versions are the most accessible for the beginner, though of course there are nitro and self-build kits available to allow for growth and customization.

Radio controlled airplanes are extremely light weight, and can be made to fly at very low speeds. The electric versions are also quiet enough to be run in a school yard, which makes them a great option for the newcomer to the radio controlled scene. If you wish to include competition as a main element of your new hobby though you should be aware that there are many fewer competitions run for rc airplanes than there are for rc cars.


Though perhaps a little too complicated the beginner, radio controlled helicopters are both exciting and challenging to fly. They are normally run on gas, and can be great fun for the more experienced hobbyist.

Boats and Watercraft.

Available in both electric and nitro powered versions, radio controlled boats are normally only available in kit form and the need for waterproofing adds an additional level of difficulty. As a result, boats and other watercraft are not recommended for beginners but, once you become familiar with the workings of radio controlled vehicles, you will find boats and other watercraft possibly the most fun of all to build and race.

Although it is very much a personal choice, the newcomer would be best advised to start with ready-to-run, on-road electric radio controlled cars and, once he is familiar with the basic art of running and racing rc cars, he can then move up in stages towards his preferred model.

Hybrid Cars Save Drivers From Worry

Many drivers have shown great interest in hybrid cars and some are still waiting to see the true results before they venture into buying this new form of automobile.
There have been many statements made about the fuel savings that are possible with the hybrid engines but some people still need some reassurance that the fuel efficiency concept really works.

Some automobile driver’s worry that they will have to spend more for hybrid cars and those worries are justified. Hybrid cars are very popular and this popularity has caused the price of the hybrid to be more expensive than any other gasoline powered engine in any model of automobile throughout America. Some people have a misconception about hybrid cars and think that they are electrically powered.

Some aspects of the hybrid cars engines are powered by electricity but they are not solely dependent on electricity. In fact, the hybrid cars generate enough electricity to recharge the car battery and the battery power is stored until extra power is necessary and the use of the gasoline engine is not necessary. One unnecessary use would be when a car comes to a complete stop at a red light. The hybrid engine will shut off, which saves fuel and the engine will be powered by the battery.

Many drivers worry that they will not be able to gauge when the engine is needed. Those worries are unfounded because the hybrid cars engine automatically engages at the right time and for the correct length of time. The driver’s involvement in the process involves the use of the automobile brake and the hybrid car operates on cue when the brake is released and the accelerator is used.

Finding a hybrid car might be the only worry that an automobile driver has. There has been a shortage of hybrid cars all over the United States because hybrid car manufacturers did not expect such an overwhelming response to these fuel saving models of automobile. Automobile driver’s can still purchase hybrid cars but they might have to pre-order the model of their choice.

The reduced emissions from a hybrid car are one of the main reasons that people are interested in them. People also like the idea that they will have to stop at gas stations less often and they like the idea that the Federal government is willing to give tax credits on various models of the hybrid cars. There are some rules about this that might worry some driver’s but overall, the hybrid car quells those worries by performing better on the average than other automobiles offered on the market.

Where To Get Great Used Cars

A franchised new car dealership is a reliable, if not the only, source for anyone who wants to buy a new car. But to those who prefer buying used or previously owned cars, there are plenty of options and sources one could choose from to be able to make that vehicle purchase the perfect one.

The following are some of the readily as well as easily available resources to consider when buying a used car.

The Used Car Superstore

Imagine it as the Wal-Mart of used cars. There have been numerous used car superstores that have mushroomed for the last five years. These superstores usually have a large inventory of used cars, more or less numbering from four hundred to five hundred vehicles. The cars found in these stores more often than not are late models. The vehicles found in these stores came from auctions that cater specially to car dealers. The good thing about buying from these used car superstores is that the warranty they provide are often equivalent to the warranty coverage provided by dealers who sell new cars. However, it is still best to compare.

New Car Dealer

The logic here is that since new car buyers usually trade in their old cars when they buy a new one, the collection that new car dealerships have are almost always extensive. So used car buyers have a wider range of vehicles to choose from. Also, new car dealerships provide better reconditioning to the used cars traded to them. They are also more reliable source of used cars because their business is more established compared to other used car dealers. Be aware though that sometimes it would take a lot of negotiation on the price of the vehicle to be purchased. They may also attempt to make you buy more cars than what you would actually need.

Used Car Dealers

There are a hundred used car dealerships in every area of the state. Sometimes, they occupy a small section that contains not more than fifteen cars in a lot. Other used car dealerships, usually the more established ones, have a total of one hundred cars in their vicinity. The great thing about buying from used car dealers is that the prices they offer are a lot less than new car dealerships. Also, it is fairly easier to negotiate with them. A little bit of not so good news though, the quality of these cars are usually less than the new ones of course. There are also not many great selections to choose from.

Private Owners

The good thing about buying from private owners, the price that they offer are usually reasonable compared to other dealers because this is in accordance with book values. One also would get the opportunity to actually speak with the owner of the vehicle and witness for yourself how the car was cared for or not so cared for. A potential disadvantage of this scenario, however, is that it could be a bit inconvenient driving to the private owner’s place especially if one is considering looking at eight different cars. Basically that would be eight different places, time and appointments. Beware though; private owners who have a stable of used cars to sell may actually be a dealer. Do not be afraid to ask if you could possibly see the title and registration. Start to get suspicious if you see it has only been a few days old.

Car Auctions

The last decade has seen the development of public auctions for vehicles. Originally, auctions like these are reserved primarily for licensed car dealers. Now, even individuals have the opportunity to bid aggressively for used cars. The quality of these cars put up for auction, as well as the selections of vehicles, actually vary from one auction to another. There are those auctions which specialize dealing in late model vehicles while there are others which dedicate themselves to cheaper and less expensive vehicles. The good thing about buying used cars from auctions is that one could conveniently compare prices and cars because they are shown side by side with each other. Also, the prices that they offer are most likely lower than they do dealerships. However, there is not much chance for one to thoroughly inspect the vehicle being auctioned off. And since one is buying from an auction, it is therefore understood that all sales are final. Any car purchased is automatically yours. Plus, the bidding frenzy could take a hold on anyone and there is a great possibility that one could pay way too much than what a vehicle actually costs.